"Hospitality Photography" - The Windmill Inn of Roseburg

Thanks to the good people of The InnSight Hotel Management Group and The Windmill Inn of Roseburg for making a demanding and complex shoot go so smoothly.  One would assume that the folks that run successful hotels would be naturals at being accommodating and easy to work with.  In this case, one would be correct! I am always delighted to see my work go live in someones marketing campaign.  In this case, I found my images front-and-center on the index page of http://www.windmillinnroseburg.com/ as we'd discussed.  I grabbed a couple screenshots.  Enjoy!
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Architecture Photography :: Disney Opera House

Disney Opera House - Erik Bishoff Photography While attending an American Society of Media Professionals (ASMP) conference in Los Angeles last year, I made it a point to take in some architecture photography. Although the controversy surrounding Frank Gehry's Disney Opera House is arguably deserved, it sure does make a gorgeous subject for photography on a clear-sunny Los Angeles day.


Frank Gehry: 'There's a backlash against me' - Rowan Moore, The Observer New L.A. concert hall raises temperatures of neighbors - Associated Press, USA TODAY

Architecture Photography: Frank Gehry's Disney Opera House

You can't have an architecture portfolio without a little Frank Gehry... right? (right?)Well... maybe you can (and should) but I'm not about to pass up an opportunity for some architectural lens-candy. [gallery link="file" orderby="rand"] Y'know... I thought I wasn't going to appreciate the Disney Opera House. I've heard such bad things about it... and there ARE a lot of bad things abou it. But as an object against the backdrop of Los Angeles it was a very pleasant construct. (and the camera ate-it-up!)

Architecture Photography: Los Angeles Cathedral - Rafael Moneo

Rafael Moneo is a Pritzker Prizewinning Archtect with a special talent for monumental architecture and Rafael Moneo's Los Angeles Cathedral does not disappoint. I've been following his work since I was studying Art History and Architecture at the University of Oregon. I was introduced to his National Museum of Roman Art by a inspirational professor, Deborah Hurtt, who shared a love of this breathtaking building. While the Los Angeles Cathedral doesn't share the complex history and context of the National Museum of Roman Art it also does not, and can not, share it's unparalleled genius. That being said, the Los Angeles Cathedral is still a breathtaking construct![gallery link="file" orderby="rand"]

Architecture Photography: The Eugene Public Library

Eugene Library
Whenever I get the time, I like to keep sharp by trying new techniques and new technologies. A few weeks back I rented a Tilt Shift Lens and gave it a whirl around town. The Eugene Public Library is a real challenge as it is a north facing building on a busy and cluttered street. This my 2nd attempt at the Eugene Lib. building and I think I'm on the right track. I'm looking forward to giving it another try when the weather improves... maybe some dusk shots as well.

Architecture Photography: Wayne Morse US District Courthouse

Another image from my adventures with a Canon 24mm Tilt-Shift lens. (thank you BorrowLenses.com) This time, I spent a little time at the Wayne Morse US District Courthouse here in Eugene. On a typically cloudy winter day the sun suddenly broke the clouds and a seasonally unusual blue sky set the scene. Aside from the watermark at the bottom, this image came straight from the camera with no editing. Wow! Love it!