Hello Real Estate Clients!

If you weren't aware yet there are big changes ahead with RMLS. Soon, you will be able to provide up to 32 images per listing and the images you upload will be "editable" from within the RMLS system. 

Personally, I think these changes are LONG overdue. 32 images does seem like overkill but at least there is the option of providing more than just 16 which, at times, can feel like "not quite enough."

For more information, please visit RMLSCentral.com or follow this link: http://rmlscentral.com/2015/10/08/a-new-listing-status-and-photo-loader-final-steps-in-this-years-forms-change

(Sincere thanks to Windermere's Barb Barnard for bringing the info to my attention.)