Advice Needed: Iconic Locations - Portland, Oregon

Hey Everyone!

I'm looking for advice on "iconic" locations in PDX for a photo shoot taking place in just a couple weeks. I know Portland well but, since I don't live there, I thought you all might have some advice on my list of sites. I put together a huge list in this Google Map grouped (loosely) in priority of what I think will work best and best symbolize Portland.


The product is kinda "cutesy" and hip. Think of Doc Martens or Jelly Belly or Kettle Chips. (it is food)

Please let me know what you think! Here's how to find me with your advice. Please feel free to facebook, text, email or call! Appreciated!!

Erik Bishoff Photography
FACEBOOK: ErikBishoffPhotography
VOICE/TEXT: 541.543.9322

An excerpt from an email from the marketing agency:
Hi Erik. I am reaching out to you on behalf of [Company Name.] [Company Name] is hitting the road in just a few weeks to begin their cross-country summer tour to [market their product.] Before the team arrives in each market we tweet out shots of [our product] in iconic spots around each city. I am in search of a photographer in the Portland area who would be able to take between 20-30 awesome shots of [the product] in unique/infamous places around the city.

I don't know that the identity of the product is really "top secret" but better safe than sorry? If you want to know shoot me a text, email or facebook message and I'll tell you more. I'll be sure to update everyone once the photos are out there. Can't wait to do this!

Thanks in advance for any and all help! Please feel free to spread the word!
- Erik/Bish