"Civic Stadium Is Burning?!"

I was heading out of the studio with the kiddos in the back seat of the car yesterday evening when we spotted a thick black column of smoke ascending into the sky over downtown Eugene.  Clearly there was a structure fire raging in the evening's 95-degree heat.  I quickly snapped a pic with my iPhone while stopped in traffic near Broadway and Pearl.

As we got closer I realized it was probably Civic Stadium.  Both relieved, that it was an uninhabited structure, and heartbroken for losing our city's historic landmark I shot a couple videos from the front seat of the car at 18th and Pearl.  It was clear it would be a total loss.

We headed home.  I think, if the kids weren't with me, I would have headed to the South Eugene High School parking lot to pursue more images and videos on foot.  Regardless of the through-the-window low quality videos, I received emails and calls from multiple news organizations asking for permission to use my footage.   My work, as of now, has been featured on The Weather Channel, KOIN TV, KATU News, and a plethora of international news sites.