A pleasant surprise from a past client

I recently put my information out on a major wedding marketing site (there are dozens) in the hopes of boosting my web presence and my google rank. The listing was free and, since I was booked solid that year, I never really gave it a second thought. This year, I've started getting a lot of wedding inquires... more than usual. I started asking folks how they were finding me and they directed me back to that marketing site. On further investigation, I discovered the following from a past client. What a treat!

Reviewed by Laura D

Let me be the first to say that Erik is a wonderful photographer. Not only does he do a great job with the actual event, but he makes the venue come alive in the photos. He was super stealthy and I never even noticed him during the ceremony-- but he got the most amazingphotos of me coming down the aisle straight toward him.!How did I not notice? He has a natural eye for framing shots in unique and very attractive ways. It seems he can be in two places at once, and he can capture those split second funny moments that are gone before you realize it. We were leaving town a week after the wedding and wanted to have a few shots to share with family. He was incredibly gracious and edited a whole ton for us to show off. He is also a fun guy just to have around. I was totally relaxed around him, and found myself laughing and feeling very natural in front of his lens. He has quite a gentle way with directing family into the required "family with bride and groom" shots. If it weren't for Erik, I'm not sure I would have learned the best way to hold the bouquet! I would recommend him for any of my friends getting Married, or even just looking for a great photographer for any occasion.

Thank you Laura!