The Urban Collaborative Offices

I was recently contacted by local Planner and Architect Mark Gillem of The Urban Collaborative ( to photograph his offices in the US Bank building here in Eugene.  The goal of the shoot was to capture the modern look and feel of the space as well as the impressive view while showing the designers work in the process.  The office is a working office so there was some challenge to capturing the space while allowing the staff to continue their work while on a tight deadline.  I appreciate having the opportunity to use people in architecture photos to help illustrate how the space is used and to provide a human scale.

Real Estate Photography - 4312 Wendell Lane, Eugene OR

I had an opportunity to head back over to the house on Wendell lane to shoot these photos for David Holland of Barnhart Associates.  A three story home with nice views and lots of surrounding greenery.  This house looks small in stature from the front, nice curb appeal, but is over 4,000 sq/ft.  Surprise!

Product Photography - Clothing Accessories

I received a call from a client just two nights ago in a rush to have some of their work photographed for a craft show.  The images had to be ready in just two days.  We scheduled a quick meeting and discussed the handmade "product" and contest requirements the following afternoon.  Several hours later the images were ready to go.  

The contest requirements were for an "overall shot" and a "detail shot" of each product.  The slider above is of four separate images laid side-by-side for illustration.  It turned out to be a fun tetraptych.

If they win any awards, I'll be sure to let you know!

Engagement Portraits - UO Campus

A favorite selection from an engagement shoot on the University of Oregon campus.  Few venues in town can offer as varied a palette as the classical and modern facades on the UO Campus.  A convenient location that displays the changing seasons like few other locals in town.  Enjoy!

University of Oregon Engagement Photography