South Eugene Home

Real Estate Photography - 1125 E. 21st Ave.

A quick set of exteriors for Windermere Realtor Tiffany Matthews of a South-Eugene home just off of University street near campus. Specifically, we wanted to show the attractive front stair and brick work as well as the back yard amenities and alley access. For information, visit Tiffany's website at

A pleasant surprise from a past client

I recently put my information out on a major wedding marketing site (there are dozens) in the hopes of boosting my web presence and my google rank. The listing was free and, since I was booked solid that year, I never really gave it a second thought. This year, I've started getting a lot of wedding inquires... more than usual. I started asking folks how they were finding me and they directed me back to that marketing site. On further investigation, I discovered the following from a past client. What a treat!

Reviewed by Laura D

Let me be the first to say that Erik is a wonderful photographer. Not only does he do a great job with the actual event, but he makes the venue come alive in the photos. He was super stealthy and I never even noticed him during the ceremony-- but he got the most amazingphotos of me coming down the aisle straight toward him.!How did I not notice? He has a natural eye for framing shots in unique and very attractive ways. It seems he can be in two places at once, and he can capture those split second funny moments that are gone before you realize it. We were leaving town a week after the wedding and wanted to have a few shots to share with family. He was incredibly gracious and edited a whole ton for us to show off. He is also a fun guy just to have around. I was totally relaxed around him, and found myself laughing and feeling very natural in front of his lens. He has quite a gentle way with directing family into the required "family with bride and groom" shots. If it weren't for Erik, I'm not sure I would have learned the best way to hold the bouquet! I would recommend him for any of my friends getting Married, or even just looking for a great photographer for any occasion.

Thank you Laura!


Hello Real Estate Clients!

If you weren't aware yet there are big changes ahead with RMLS. Soon, you will be able to provide up to 32 images per listing and the images you upload will be "editable" from within the RMLS system. 

Personally, I think these changes are LONG overdue. 32 images does seem like overkill but at least there is the option of providing more than just 16 which, at times, can feel like "not quite enough."

For more information, please visit or follow this link:

(Sincere thanks to Windermere's Barb Barnard for bringing the info to my attention.)

"Civic Stadium Is Burning?!"

I was heading out of the studio with the kiddos in the back seat of the car yesterday evening when we spotted a thick black column of smoke ascending into the sky over downtown Eugene.  Clearly there was a structure fire raging in the evening's 95-degree heat.  I quickly snapped a pic with my iPhone while stopped in traffic near Broadway and Pearl.

As we got closer I realized it was probably Civic Stadium.  Both relieved, that it was an uninhabited structure, and heartbroken for losing our city's historic landmark I shot a couple videos from the front seat of the car at 18th and Pearl.  It was clear it would be a total loss.

We headed home.  I think, if the kids weren't with me, I would have headed to the South Eugene High School parking lot to pursue more images and videos on foot.  Regardless of the through-the-window low quality videos, I received emails and calls from multiple news organizations asking for permission to use my footage.   My work, as of now, has been featured on The Weather Channel, KOIN TV, KATU News, and a plethora of international news sites.

Ben & Jerry's Photoshoot - Portland Oregon

The images from my photoshoot in Portland Oregon are starting to show up on the Ben & Jerry's twitter feeds.  

So far they've gone with some of the more "Standard" backgrounds.  I'm looking forward to seeing if they use the PDX Airport Carpet image, the Paul Bunyan Statue images, and/or the Beverly Cleary statues.  (I sent them close to 50) Enjoy!

Advice Needed: Iconic Locations - Portland, Oregon

Hey Everyone!

I'm looking for advice on "iconic" locations in PDX for a photo shoot taking place in just a couple weeks. I know Portland well but, since I don't live there, I thought you all might have some advice on my list of sites. I put together a huge list in this Google Map grouped (loosely) in priority of what I think will work best and best symbolize Portland.


The product is kinda "cutesy" and hip. Think of Doc Martens or Jelly Belly or Kettle Chips. (it is food)

Please let me know what you think! Here's how to find me with your advice. Please feel free to facebook, text, email or call! Appreciated!!

Erik Bishoff Photography
FACEBOOK: ErikBishoffPhotography
VOICE/TEXT: 541.543.9322

An excerpt from an email from the marketing agency:
Hi Erik. I am reaching out to you on behalf of [Company Name.] [Company Name] is hitting the road in just a few weeks to begin their cross-country summer tour to [market their product.] Before the team arrives in each market we tweet out shots of [our product] in iconic spots around each city. I am in search of a photographer in the Portland area who would be able to take between 20-30 awesome shots of [the product] in unique/infamous places around the city.

I don't know that the identity of the product is really "top secret" but better safe than sorry? If you want to know shoot me a text, email or facebook message and I'll tell you more. I'll be sure to update everyone once the photos are out there. Can't wait to do this!

Thanks in advance for any and all help! Please feel free to spread the word!
- Erik/Bish

Erik Bishoff Photography - Envalop Design Kitchen & Home Remodel

I recently completed a photo shoot for local Architect Jenna Fribley of Envalop Design for a project here in Eugene.  The project was an extensive kitchen remodel that included an expansion of the home itself.  Beautiful work!  I'll be sure to share the link to Jenna's website when she has the before-and-after images up.

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